Spouse Tour: Hsinchu City & Culture Tour

Explore the cultural treasures of Hsinchu City on 11/7 and/or 11/8 tour. The tour take participants to 18 Peaks mountain, Jo-Chun Lake and other renowned attractions.

Date: November 07 (Mon.)  9:30am to 5:00pm
Fee: Free
Departs: NTHU (Conference Venue) – 9:30am
Visits: 18 Peaks mountain / Hsinchu Park
Includes: ●  Lunch (Local Cuisine): Rice Noodle and Meatball soup
●  English Speaking Guide
●  All admission fee

     18 Peaks Mountain, a fine and popular paved trail with various flowers and plants.

      Hsinchu Park is surrounded by Municipal Glasses Museum, Confucius Temple and City Zoo.

Date: November 08 (Tue.)  9:00am to 5:00pm
Fee: Free
Departs: NTHU (Conference Venue) – 9:00am
Visits: Jo-Chun Lake / Taiwan Red Tea Company


●  Lunch (Local Cuisine): Hsin-Pu Dried Persimmon, Rice Cake and Hakka Tea
●  English Speaking Guide
●  All admission fee

Jo-Chun Lake and Leisure Agricultural Region for hiking. Mochi (rice cake) and Hakka Tea (pounded tea with nuts-ingredients) will be served.

Taiwan Red Tea Company, founded in 1937, is certified by Hsinchu County Cultural Affairs Bureau as a historic building.