Please find the ICHEM 2016 program overview below or download the overview here. Detailed information regarding the oral presentations can be found in the comprehensive program (last updated on Oct 29). Please note that the program is subject to minor changes. 

Click here for poster presentation guideline!

The first two letters indicate the topic of the presentation and the third one indicates the type of the presentation. For example, an "MDV" talk is an invited talk in the "Material and Process Development" session. 
Session OP Opening
PO Poster Session
MD Material and Process Development
HR High-temperature and Radiation-resistant Materials
PM Physical Metallurgy and Solid State Physcis
MP Mechanical Properties
FP Physical, Chemical and Functional Properties
SC Structure and Characterization
SM Simulations and Modeling
Type S Opening Address
L Plenary Lecture
K Keynote Speech
V Invited Speech
O Oral Presentation
P Poster Presentation